Renew Your Partnership with AFP for 2020

             If you are alarmed and want to make a meaningful difference in the face of the increasingly vocal calls for bigger government and the growing numbers of young people who are turning towards top down solutions such as socialism or nationalism, renew your partnership with Americans for Prosperity (AFP) for 2020 today.

            Rapidly growing numbers of Americans are losing faith in freedom and embracing big government socialism because they no longer feel they have a fair shot at improving their lives.  They are rightfully concluding that the system is increasingly rigged and not in their favor. 

            The massive growth in the size and power of government has been moving us toward a two-tiered society where many of the well-connected are manipulating government, seeking and obtaining corporate welfare, and getting ahead while everyone else falls farther behind.

            We must rid America of big government and all the special handouts, bailouts, tax loopholes, no bid contracts, loan guarantees, and much more that come with it.

            With 144 offices in 35 states and more than 3.2 million grassroots activists, AFP is the leader in unrigging our economy so that young people, and all Americans, have a chance to get ahead by producing services and products that help people improve their lives. 

            We’re making important strides, but as the polls show, increasing numbers of Americans are giving up hope on our system.  We must do more and do it very quickly.

            The AFP team has an exciting and hard-hitting battle plan for 2020, but your support is urgently needed if AFP is going to not only continue having a major impact but to grow these efforts.

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